Psychology Politics Resistance & Asylum

Psychology Politics Resistance was founded in 1994 as a network of people who are prepared to oppose the abusive uses of psychology. Members of PPR in different places have organised meetings and have been involved in a number of different campaigns. The purpose of PPR is not to duplicate or replace but to network the many different groups and individuals who have already been organising. Now our newsletter is incorporated in Asylum: Magazine for Democratic Psychiatry 

Below are the draft documents prepared for PPR in 1994, the paper prepared for the founding conference, and PPR newsletters 1 to 6.

Draft Documents (20 July 1994) file_pdf

Founding Conference file_pdf

Newsletter No 1 file_pdf

Newsletter No 2 file_pdf

Newsletter No 3 file_pdf

Newsletter No 4 file_pdf

Newsletter No 5 file_pdf

Newsletter No 6 file_pdf