ARCP 5: Critical Psychology in a Changing World (2006)

arcp5Editors: Manolis Dafermos, Athanasios Marvakis
and Sofia Triliva.
University of Crete, Department of Psychology.

What is the difference between forms of ‘critical psychology’ in various cultural-political contexts? What can we learn about ‘critical psychology’ in different traditions? What resources are there for challenging the homogenisation of contemporary ‘critical psychology’ from around the globe?

Contents of ARCP 5

doc[1]Introduction: Critiques in psychology – critical psychology
Manolis Dafermos & Athanasios Marvakis

doc[1]On critical psychology in Turkey
Sertan Batur & Ersin Asl – türk

doc[1]Critical psychology in the belly of the beast – Notes from North America
Tod Sloan & Stephanie Austin & Daniel Noam Warner

doc[1]Biculturalism, gender and critical social movements in Aotearoa/New Zealand: Still speaking from psychologies’ margins
Mandy Morgan & Leigh Coombes & Bronwyn Campbell

doc[1]Towards a critique of the Iranian psy-complex
Babak Fozooni

doc[1]Critical psychology and critical practice in Britain
Ian Parker

doc[1]Beyond the mainstream: Approaches to critical psychology in the German-speaking community and their international significance
Josef Held

doc[1]Critical psychology in Austria
Daniel Sanin

doc[1]Iceland: Psychology in a cold climate: Critical challenges
Annadís G. Rúdólfsdóttir

doc[1]Critical (feminist) psychology in Portugal. It will be possible?
Conceição Nogueira & Luísa Saavedra & Sofia Neves

doc[1]Italian and Spanish critical psychological concerns
Barbara Biglia & Ángel J. Gordo López

doc[1]Role of Critical Psychology in Japan: Protest Against Positivistic Psychology and Search for New Knowledge of the Mind
Yasuhiro Igarashi

doc[1]Critical psychology in Norway: A brief review commenting on why critical psychology is currently virtually absent
Rolv Mikkel Blakar & Hilde Eileen Nafstad

doc[1]Critical Psychology in the Czech Republic: One of Possible Description
Zbynek Vybiral

doc[1](De)constructing psychology in Greece
Manolis Dafermos & Athanasios Marvakis & Sofia Triliva

doc[1]Critical psychology in a Danish context
Line Lerche Mørck & Lotte Huniche

doc[1]Critical psychology in South Africa: Histories, Themes and Prospects
Desmond Painter & Martin Terre Blanche & Jill Henderson

doc[1]Rethinking Psychology in India: Debating Pasts and Futures
Manasi Kumar

doc[1]Critical psychology in Venezuela
Maritza Montero & Marisela Montenegro

doc[1]Reflections on the emergence of a critical psychology in Chile
Isabel Piper Shafir

doc[1]Critical Psychologies in Ireland: Transforming Contexts and Political Possibilities
Siobhán Madden & Geraldine Moane

doc[1]Critical psychological approaches in Brazil: When, where, why
João Eduardo Coin de Carvalho & Christian Ingo Lenz Dunker

doc[1]What Does an elephant think of Finnish psychology?
Teija Nissinen

doc[1]Kenya: The faint Voice in academia. Including the excluded: An analysis of the Psychology of Nandi Proverbs and its place in Critical Psychology
Rose Ruto-Korir

doc[1]Critical construction of psychology in Colombia
Nelson Molina Valencia & Angela María Estrada Mesa

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