ARCP 5: Critical Psychology in a Changing World (2006)

arcp5Editors: Manolis Dafermos, Athanasios Marvakis
and Sofia Triliva.
University of Crete, Department of Psychology.

What is the difference between forms of ‘critical psychology’ in various cultural-political contexts? What can we learn about ‘critical psychology’ in different traditions? What resources are there for challenging the homogenisation of contemporary ‘critical psychology’ from around the globe?



doc[1]Introduction: Critiques in psychology – critical psychology
Manolis Dafermos & Athanasios Marvakis

doc[1]On critical psychology in Turkey
Sertan Batur & Ersin Asl – türk

doc[1]Critical psychology in the belly of the beast – Notes from North America
Tod Sloan & Stephanie Austin & Daniel Noam Warner

doc[1]Biculturalism, gender and critical social movements in Aotearoa/New Zealand: Still speaking from psychologies’ margins
Mandy Morgan & Leigh Coombes & Bronwyn Campbell

doc[1]Towards a critique of the Iranian psy-complex
Babak Fozooni

doc[1]Critical psychology and critical practice in Britain
Ian Parker

doc[1]Beyond the mainstream: Approaches to critical psychology in the German-speaking community and their international significance
Josef Held

doc[1]Critical psychology in Austria
Daniel Sanin

doc[1]Iceland: Psychology in a cold climate: Critical challenges
Annadís G. Rúdólfsdóttir

doc[1]Critical (feminist) psychology in Portugal. It will be possible?
Conceição Nogueira & Luísa Saavedra & Sofia Neves

doc[1]Italian and Spanish critical psychological concerns
Barbara Biglia & Ángel J. Gordo López

doc[1]Role of Critical Psychology in Japan: Protest Against Positivistic Psychology and Search for New Knowledge of the Mind
Yasuhiro Igarashi

doc[1]Critical psychology in Norway: A brief review commenting on why critical psychology is currently virtually absent
Rolv Mikkel Blakar & Hilde Eileen Nafstad

doc[1]Critical Psychology in the Czech Republic: One of Possible Description
Zbynek Vybiral

doc[1](De)constructing psychology in Greece
Manolis Dafermos & Athanasios Marvakis & Sofia Triliva

doc[1]Critical psychology in a Danish context
Line Lerche Mørck & Lotte Huniche

doc[1]Critical psychology in South Africa: Histories, Themes and Prospects
Desmond Painter & Martin Terre Blanche & Jill Henderson

doc[1]Rethinking Psychology in India: Debating Pasts and Futures
Manasi Kumar

doc[1]Critical psychology in Venezuela
Maritza Montero & Marisela Montenegro

doc[1]Reflections on the emergence of a critical psychology in Chile
Isabel Piper Shafir

doc[1]Critical Psychologies in Ireland: Transforming Contexts and Political Possibilities
Siobhán Madden & Geraldine Moane

doc[1]Critical psychological approaches in Brazil: When, where, why
João Eduardo Coin de Carvalho & Christian Ingo Lenz Dunker

doc[1]What Does an elephant think of Finnish psychology?
Teija Nissinen

doc[1]Kenya: The faint Voice in academia. Including the excluded: An analysis of the Psychology of Nandi Proverbs and its place in Critical Psychology
Rose Ruto-Korir

doc[1]Critical construction of psychology in Colombia
Nelson Molina Valencia & Angela María Estrada Mesa



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