ARCP 3: Anti-Capitalism (2003)


Editors: Melancholic Troglodytes

Starting from a naïve position (that critical psychology can benefit the anti-capitalist movement) this issue gradually gravitates towards querying both ‘Critical Psychology’ and the ‘anti-capitalist movement’. The questionnaire and discussion sections (before and after the presentation of the main text) are intended to foreground the issue of class.

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‘Critical Psychology’ and the ‘anti-capitalist movement’
Melancholic Troglodytes



All power to the developing!
Fred Newman and Lois Holzman

‘Critical Psychology’ and Contemporary Struggles Against Neo-Liberalism
Chik Collins

Walking the streets: Psychology and the flâneur
Grahame Hayes

Radicalising academia or emptying the critics?
Barbara Biglia

What critical psychology can(‘t) do for the ‘anti-capitalist movement’
John Drury

Evacuate the leftist bunker
Howard Slater

Acentric Psychology
Fabian Tompsett



Sara Nafis – on Melancholic Troglodyte’s Psychology and the Class Struggle

Jane Asquith – on Peter Good’s Language for Those Who Have Nothing

Susanne Schade – on Carl Ratner’s Cultural Psychology: Theory and Method

Stewart Home – on various

F. Palinorc – on John Holloway’s Change the World Without Taking Power

Melancholic Troglodytes – on various




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