ARCP 6: Globalisation, Migration & Asylum (2008)

arcp6Editors: Jane Callaghan and Rose Capdevila

This issue of the Annual Review of Critical Psychology is devoted to critical work around globalisation and two of its emergent progeny: migration and asylum. The papers included in this issue engage with the questions that arise around how we might theorise, understand and engage with the varying instantiations and positionings of these phenomena critically.



Jane Callaghan and Rose Capdevila


Manchester – local and global , place and space
Pauline Mottram

Re-remembering and re-imagining relational boundaries: sibling narratives of migration
Jenny Altschuler

‘My mother would worry every single time I went out…’: Meanings of Ethnicities and Sexualised Coercion
Bodil Pedersen

‘Everybody is welcome, but..’ Talking of emotions and with emotions about refugees; a psychosocial discursive analysis
Bruna Seu

Moving relationships / shifting alliances: constructions of migration in the leftist anti-racist movement in Athens
Alexandra Zavos

Justifying Harsh Treatment of Asylum Seekers through the Support of Social Cohesion
Simon Goodman

Gender, race and culture: Unpacking discourses of tradition and culture in UNHCR refugee policy
Ingrid Palmary


Suffering children, dead babies and the appeal of the universal child
Lindsay O’Dell

Book Review

Review of Ron Roberts, R. (ed.) Just war . Ross-on-Wye: PCCS Books, 2007
Jane Callaghan



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