ARCP 14: Putting the Deleuzian machine to work in psychology (2018)

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Editor: Maria Nichterlein

This issue of ARCP introduces Deleuze’s project on a philosophy of difference in its critical intersection with psychology. After a general introduction, this special issue employs the distinctions Philosophy/Science/Art articulated in his later work with Felix Guattari – What is Philosophy? – to frame an interrogation of the ways in which his project makes psychology rethink many of its disciplinary foundations and brings a gust of fresh (and critical)  air to its practices.




Putting the Deleuzian Machine to Work in Psychology: Critical and Clinical Becomings

Maria Nichterlein


Section I: Philosophical Provocations


Gilles Deleuze in Social Science: Some Introductory Themes

Casper Bruun Jensen

Deleuze, Spinoza and Psychology: Notes Towards an Experience Ecology

Steven D. Brown

Actualising the Virtual: Deleuze, Temporality and Memory

Alan Bristow


Section II: Scientific Provocations


Deterritorialising the Psychological Subject (For a ‘People to Come’)

Cameron Duff & Rhys Price-Robertson

Pragmatism after Deleuze and Guattari: The Problem of Method in What is Philosophy?

James Williams

Deleuze, Simondon and the ‘Problem’ of Psychological Life

Ian Tucker


Section III: Artistic Provocations  


Percepts, Affects and Desire

Pietro Barbetta

The Risky Truth of Fabulation: Deleuze, Bergson and Durkheim on the Becomings of Religion and Art

Paul Stenner

Deleuze’s Critical and Clinical Uses of Literature

Be Pannell

Book Review: Deleuze and Becoming (2017) by Samantha Bankston

Alan Bristow


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