Discourse Analytic Research: Repertoires and Readings of Text in Action

We are glad to avail the full text of:

Burman, E. and Parker, I. (eds) (1993) Discourse Analytic Research: Repertoires and Readings of Texts in Action. London: Routledge.

ISBN 0-415-09721-5 paperback, 0-415-09720-7 hardback.

(For easy referencing, original page numbers appear in square brackets).

Many thanks to Marilyn Barnett for scanning and correcting the text!


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Table of content and book chapters:

pdf-icon Title Page
pdf-icon 1. Introduction: Burman and Parker

Part I: Textual Construction

pdf-icon 2. Occupational: Moir
pdf-icon 3. Privatisation: Marshall and Raabe
pdf-icon 4. Nature: Macnaghten

Part II: The Rhetorics of Politics and Identity


5. Broadcasters: Gill
pdf-icon 6. Goths: Widdicombe
pdf-icon 7. Jealousy: Stenner

Part III: Discourse, Action and the Research Process

pdf-icon 8. Case-conference: Marks
pdf-icon 9. Problems: Parker and Burman